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    Text "HOPELINE" to 741741.
    Because sometimes you just need someone to talk to...
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Text “HOPELINE” to 741741.

SMS QR CodeHOPELINE, by the Center for Suicide Awareness, is a text-in (versus voice call-in) free service for help and hope. HOPELINE is the Emotional Support Text Line in the State of Wisconsin and provides service throughout the entire state.

HOPELINE's purpose is to offer emotional support and resources before situations rise to crisis level. Texts received reflect struggles with breakups, job loss, bullying, LGBTQ issues, parental issues, school, friends, relationship issues or any struggle a person is experiencing.

Here's how it works:

  • HOPELINE Text Line serves anyone in any type of situation, providing them access to free, 24/7 emotional support and information they need via the medium they already use and trust: text.
  • Someone texts into HOPELINE --- 741741 --- anywhere, anytime, about any type of challenge or struggle.
  • A live, trained specialist receives the text and responds quickly.
  • Eash person that text in is important to us and we care about what they are dealing with.

Thank you for using and supporting HOPELINE!


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