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Dry Those Tears Wipe Those Eyes Support May Be Closer Than You Realize

We ask ourselves questions with no answer in sight But if you just keep going forward then you might Find the solution to the problem at hand Find a person to understand The pain you may feel as you are not alone Sometimes we wish we could pick up the phone Call a person who support we could apply In our lives so we no longer cry The answer to the problem could be closer than you know There is often peer support anywhere you go They may not have a degree or a name tag on their shirt But it does not take education to know what it means to hurt So keep your eyes wide open and change will arrive It will help you remember why it is good to be alive! Written by: Jonathan Winfield
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People in a pain. Despite the upbeat message I might express in this I feel quite down in my life probably more times than I feel up. Even with that said I know it is not a lifelong feeling and I WILL find what it means to be happy and in content with ones self. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, however it will always be worth living just to see that day! To all those depressed like myself, STAY STRONG!


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