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In Life There's So Much We Can Do

To help one another not feel blue

Some people just need to chat

Others are not okay with that

Although it's the last thing you should do

Some remain quiet and always feel blue

Because in their mind they just cannot believe

They can find help so instead they grieve

They just go on day after day

Suffering in every possible way

What they don't realize we all need aid

And the stand in the background with progress delayed

They just have lived in constant fear

That nobody else could possobly care

They are lost in this cycle of constant doubt

And they lose sight of what life is really about

So help one another feel they are needed

When they feel better you know you've succeeded

To make it so that a person can feel

That it's actually possible for them to heal

They can heal and clear their mind

To leave all grief and pain behind

Written by:

Jonathan Winfield


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